New Year New Resolutions

It is now coming up for a year since I left the mobile communications industry and so I have started to play more music with the band.   Now that I’ve got more time to focus on music, this year I have plans to get even more involved in various music projects, to keep learning and to get out performing even more.  I’ve also resolved to get the JazzMain website and communications up to date and looking professional, which I’m glad to say is off to a great start in January, thanks to my talented wife Jane.

There have been some great gigs over 2013 and we already have some nice bookings in 2014. It is certainly quite a lot of work to get all the things that you need to have in place (social media, video feeds, recordings and website) to name but a few and it is becoming quite apparent that if we want to be taken seriously we have to do all these things.

Within the next month or so we will have finished production of our CD which is called “A Sound for Sore Ears” and was produced at the excellent Sound Cafe. We are very pleased with the work that Dave Gray has done for us and are hoping to get some sales and bookings on the strength of it.

What is very obvious though is that just like any business venture you have to be prepared to build the contacts up so if anyone out there in the ether has some festival contacts in the UK or Europe that might be worth following up please let me know.

Thanks very much


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