Review of JazzMain at Linlithgow Jazz Club

We had an great night at this excellent club on 7th June just after we came back from our wee trip to Ireland the previous week. We were joined by Campbell Normand on keys and Maria Speight on guest vocals, we were also joined by the accomplished vocalist Sue McHugh who runs the club .We hope to go back again next year.

One of the guests was kind enough to take some pictures and give us a revue which I have pasted in below. Thank you very much Jim, the pleasure was ours and we appreciate your feedback very much .

Glad to get round to sending these and I hope I have helped with the email problem.

Can I just say how much we enjoyed the Linlithgow gig the band was superb and although the keys were a guest appearance everything gelled superbly well.

everyone in the band excelled in their own way Drums very dynamic and detailed keys were super fast and melodic Sax what can I say great technical prowess and a smooth swinging style quite unique you have your own sound I love the way you can play very technically without going over the top and losing the melody as some can get too carried away and lose contact with all around them Bass Iain is superb obviously has a large presence in the band bringing all together in a rich and detailed style obviously capable of more outrageous playing than a standard set might allow depending on audience.

What I find refreshing also is that you are all firmly on the ground and very approachable and comfortable to chat with and make a real connection with your audience.

now the CD I don’t want to bore you but I am a hi fi buff and have a system costing thousands of £ the CD sound is superb I find all the instruments easy to follow and the atmosphere in the studio really comes across.

The mix is lovely I usually find that some instruments are compromised but not here everyone is heard and given their place the choice of tunes was quite cleverly crafted with its variations of the Jazz genre very much a comfortable listen and almost a compilation of the bands ability to mix all kinds of moods.

cant wait till the next one with Iain on it we were definitely spoiled on the night.

I know you have to play a suitable set for a mixed audience but I feel the undercurrents of a restrained beast within.

incidentally the two girls that were with me are my twin daughters both clarinet players and love to see professionals crafting with their reeds.

I hope you like he pictures although not fantastic certainly stir our memories of the night.

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