2016 Bute Jazz Festival

We were invited back to play this festival and had an excellent weekend on the island.

The Bute Jazz festival has run for 30 years, always skewed towards trad jazz the festival organisers have started inviting a spread of bands which will hopefully widen the appeal and ensure the future of it.

Friday night was a nice one upstairs at the Esplanade Hotel which while not particularly busy was great fun with some lovely banter (and music as well).

Saturday saw us visit the stunning Mount Stuart which is frankly breathtaking.

The evening saw us playing in the bar at the Glenburn (where we were staying) which was terrific with lovely sound.

Sunday afternoon was an early finish with and afternoon gig at the Victoria Hotel, my favorite venue and has a lovely view of the mainland. We finished bang on time and managed to pack in 18 minutes which is our best ever, usually taking ages to pack up because we like to chat with the audience.

A great weekend, with Kevin, Steve, Iain and Nick

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